Federal Aid To States Signed Into Law

August 14, 2010

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed legislation that would provide aid to states’ budgets and is predicted to save thousands of teaching jobs. President Obama signed the bill into law as well, providing relief to state budgets that are facing in all over $120 billion in shortfalls for the upcoming fiscal year.


I feel very conflicted by this bill. I understand and can see why Congress wants to pass aid to the sates. However, at what cost? As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge budget hawk. I think we need to cut more, find new revenue sources, and even change the structure of how we tax our citizens. Read the rest of this entry »


Shirley Sherrod & America’s Bad On Calling Her Racist

July 22, 2010

I’m going to be moving on thin ice with this post. However, I feel that I must comment on the forced resignation and then reneging and apologizing to Shirley Sherrod.

She was an official in the Department of Agriculture. She spoke at a NAACP convention and a clip of her speech was released late last week. She was later forced to resign based on her statements, where she recalled a scenario where she didn’t want to help out a poor farmer because he was white. What isn’t shown is her followup statements where she said that she helped him and she realized there were essentially two types of people: those who were needy and those who weren’t.

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Reeling in Independent Voters to Take Back Congress

July 15, 2010

Two polls out this week have shown Americans are losing faith in the Obama administration. On Tuesday, the ABC News/Washington Post poll showed that nearly 60% of Americans “lack faith” in President Obama. 58% of respondents said they had “just some” or “none” confidence in Obama to make the right decision for America’s future.

Time Magazine just published their latest poll, showing that 49% of respondents approve of Obama’s performance while 45% disapprove. 56% of respondents said that the U.S. is on the wrong track. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bush Tax Cuts and The Economic Recession

July 9, 2010

President Obama has a fairly big decision looming on the horizon. The Bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year, but President Obama campaigned on making the cuts permanent for middle class families. Compounding matters is the deficit problem the U.S. is facing. Extending the tax cuts would obviously mean less revenue for the government as many feel it is becoming increasingly clear that cutting spending alone will not be sufficient to solve the budget crisis. Throw in the economic recession and the fact that letting the tax cuts expire would derail the economic recovery and you’ve got a real pickle. What’s a President to do? Read the rest of this entry »

Why Jo Ann Emerson Will Defeat Tommy Sowers For MO-8th

June 17, 2010

Tommy Sowers (D) has surged onto the political scene in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District, garnering national press and media in his challenge of Jo Ann Emerson (R). The landscape of this district is largely a rural district with its largest city of Cape Girardeau of only approximately 37,000 people. It encompasses all or parts of 28 counties, and it is the 11th poorest congressional district in the United States.

Before I discuss why I believe Mr. Sowers will lose, Tommy Sowers has a lot of things on his side: He’s young, an Iraqi war veteran (Green Beret and Army Ranger), and he’s got lots of money. Jo Ann hasn’t had a challenger with money in her career as an incumbent, and the results have shown that. She has won her reelections by margins of: 63-35, 69-30, 72-27, 72-27, 72-26, and 71-26. Read the rest of this entry »