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I am Troy and I was born and raised in rural Minnesota (near Brainerd) and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Raised in a working class family, I learned how to appreciate the more meaningful things in life: family, friends, and the outdoors. In my family, we were never spoon-fed anything but hard work, integrity, and pragmatism. That’s made me who I am today. Aside from politics, I love baseball (Minnesota Twins), music (especially country), and hanging out whether it’s shooting pool over a beer, playing video games, or doing anything outdoors.

After earning my B.S. in Political Science, I took some time off after turning down an offer for law school. Government and public service have long been my passion and I decided there is likely a more fitting route. I spent three years working political campaigns – Texas, North Carolina, but primarily in Minnesota – and working for the Minnesota House of Representatives in a nonpartisan position. All positions required the ability to be objective and check one’s own views at the door. Throughout, I considered a Masters in Public Administration and I began an MPA program August 2009.

My rural Minnesota background – and many people along the way – has shaped my world view. I consider myself progressive, but I am also very pragmatic. My top areas of interest are the environment, foreign policy, and civil/civic rights. My approach to policy tends to revolve around compromise and collaboration rather than “my way or the highway.” I believe all sides to an issue are right, but for different people. In my view, the key is to take the best ideas from all groups while maintaining one’s underlying values.


I hail from Suffolk, Virginia, also known as The Peanut Capital of the World.

My areas of interest are in American and comparative electoral politics/systems and social policy.  I am a political junkie, and I simply cannot stay away from any news involving elections and the issues of the day.  I think that the quirks of a campaign, from a devastating gaffe or the electoral terrain unexpectedly shifting under a frontrunner’s feet, make politics the most exciting social experiment in our culture today.

I am a leftist, and my articles shall reflect that.  Governments lifted the world out of the depression, gave minorities the right to a free and fair vote, and went to war to defeat fascism and free oppressed peoples across the world.  I do not believe that there is any problem that government cannot fix, and we harness the power of the government to ensure social justice for all sectors of our society.


My name is Eric Chambers and I was born and raised in Lakeland, FL just outside of Tampa. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of South Florida in Tampa in 2008. In August 2009 I moved to Columbia, MO to start graduate school.

I don’t have much of a political background other than an interest in public discourse and politics. I’m more interested in big picture-type things and much less so in the intricacies of running a campaign or getting elected. I’m probably more of a centrist than some of my colleagues and in general have little regard for rigid ideology.

In another life I would probably be a sports writer or auto mechanic just so I could work around sports or cars. Also, I’m somewhat of a history buff, particularly military histories. Now go read my blog posts you stalker.


Hello fellow bloggers or readers!
I am Craig Stevenson, a 2nd year MPA student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am originally from Rolla, Missouri, where I was born and raised. I have a BA in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. In August of 2009 I married my high school sweetheart who is in the Occupational Therapy program at MU.

Some of my activities and hobbies include running, playing or watching baseball, and playing video games in my spare time. I’m also an avid Cardinals fan and collector of Cardinals memorabilia and baseball cards. As you can see by my political experience, my specialty is Missouri politics. While I’m only 22 years old, I just completed my fourth legislative session in Jefferson City.

I am the Conservative prospective of the blog. In my “career” in Missouri politics, I have served in various roles in both partisan and nonpartisan manners. I have been active in the Missouri Republican Party for several years. I campaigned for President Bush’s reelection in 2004, and the midterm elections in 2006 for Jo Ann Emerson (R-MO). I was involved in the nonpartisan UM System student lobbying organization during the 2007 and 2008 legislative sessions. During the 2009 legislative session, I was a part time staff member for State Senator Dan Clemens (R-20). During the 2010 legislative session, I was an intern in for the American Cancer Society’s Government Relations Director. I’m entering my second summer now of working for the Senate Majority Fund for Republicans running for the Missouri Senate, focusing on MO’s 16th and 18th Districts.


Let me briefly introduce myself.  I am originally from Cambridge, England but have lived in Saint Louis, Missouri for the last 16 years. Growing up in an inter-racial household has definitely shaped my outlook on life and influenced my human rights advocacy work.

In 2009 I graduated from the University of Missouri with a B.A. in International Studies, with an emphasis on sociology, geography and religious studies. A semester at Trinity College Dublin solidified my desire to work for an NGO focused on the promotion of human rights. Therefore, as of August 2009, I am a candidate for a Masters in Public Affairs from the University of Missouri.

My areas of interest include refugee & migration studies, poverty, child soldiers, and human trafficking.

In my free time I enjoy volunteering, hanging out with friends or at coffee shops (Lakota shoutout!), reading copious amounts of books on human rights and bicycling. My volunteer experience includes Amnesty Dublin, Saint Vincent DePaul Society, & Refugee and Immigration Services. This summer I am a U.S. Prevention & Advocacy intern for Love146: A human rights organization focused on the abolition of child sex trafficking and exploitation.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and thanks for allowing me to share my passions with you!


2 Responses to Meet The Authors

  1. Sue says:

    I find your white letters on dark ground very hard to read. Would you consider changing it to black letters on light ground? Interesting site.

    • Troy says:

      We appreciate your feedback and hope you become a regular reader at the Panorama! We have made changes to the layout that will hopefully address your concerns.

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