House Rules

At The Political Panorama, we thoroughly enjoy hearing views from all sides of the political spectrum.  We know that people get passionate about their politics, as do we.  However, this blog should be a conversation and few meaningful conversations are conducted when people yell, scream, or degrade a person or their beliefs.  In that vein, we have set up some house rules to keep the discussion honest, fair, and most importantly, respectful:

  • Insults towards a poster or commenter will not be tolerated.  There are better ways to refute someone’s point than to launch ad hominem attacks on another person because you disagree with them.
  • Spam-like activities will not be tolerated.  There is nothing wrong with going back-and-forth, but you generally should not post more than 2-3 comments consecutively when you could have just put it all in one post.
  • Some of the writers at The Political Panorama (especially Douglas) are known to use profanity in conversations.  Here, it will be nearly non-existent in our posts.  Cursing infrequently to show true emotion and outrage over a political issue is one thing; gratuitous usage in profanity-laced tirades is quite another, and is inconducive to a productive dialogue.  We only ask that profanity be kept in context and not directed towards posters or commenters.

We thank you for reading The Political Panorama, and we look forward to an intense, but respectful, debate on the issues.


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