Ben Quayle’s Ad, Worst President Ever Comments

Ben Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle is running for Congress in Arizona. He recently released an advertisement calling President Obama the “worst president in history.” You can watch the ad here . This ad is the perfect example as to why I get so frustrated with Washington D.C. politics.

I understand that he disagrees with Obama’s policies, but he acts like things were peachy under President Bush. They weren’t. Our government was and still is spending more money, burdening my generation further and further. I obviously know very little about  Ben Quayle, living in Missouri. I like the fact that he’s young, even that he disagrees (not surprisingly though, considering his father) with Obama’s policies.

What I don’t like is as a political science person, judging “the worst president” and throwing that term around. I don’t like it when liberals say George W. Bush was the worst president ever. I may even like it worse when people say Bill Clinton or even Ronald Reagan was the best president ever. I think it’s only fair to judge between 30-40 years after their presidency has ended. Tapes, memos, etc. are released during the presidency so we can make a fair and truer judgement than an emotionally charged judgement.

Academia has a few different ways that rank presidents, and I think it’s best that they don’t even include the past 20 years worth of presidents because it creates the potential for a bias especially before all is known about a specific presidency.Judging a president positively or negatively can effect that individuals’ living family, and it is unfair to judge a president among the 40+ past presidents while 1) they are still in office 2) they are still alive and 3) internal documents haven’t been released.

And now, I shall stand down from my soap box.


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