Jan Brewer: The new Sarah Palin? At what cost?

For those that do not know (and you may have been residing under a large rock if you do not), Jan Brewer is the Governor of Arizona.  She is a Republican.  She also thinks that people with darker tans than normal should be questioned on the street simply because they appear to be “illegal”.

She is also a hot commodity in Republican primary circles.  Next to former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska), she is the next highly sought after endorsement in the land right now.  For anyone seeking to appear tough on immigration (even if you happen to live in a state like Georgia, which is only a border state if you consider South Carolina to be a foreign republic), Gov. Brewer is the endorsement du jour.

The funny thing is, though, the Republican Party is losing touch with the same voters that they will need to, you know, win elections:

“A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday indicates that on the question of which party cares more about people like you, Hispanic respondents pick the Democrats over the Republicans by 27 points. And when asked which party agrees with you on the issues that matter most to you, Democrats hold a 25 point advantage among Hispanics.”

SB 1070 did that.  Former President George W. Bush was popular (enough) with Hispanic voters.  He did a lot of ads in Spanish, had a muscular Latino outreach organization, and had a mildly humane immigration policy.  Contrast this with the likes of Brewer, and it is no question why Republicans are losing the votes of America’s fastest growing minority group in droves.

Not that, as a Democrat, I am upset by this or anything.


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