The Stumblings of Two Tennessee GOP Gubernatorial Candidates

This past week has brought increasing media attention to the GOP Gubernatorial race in Tennessee due to the views expressed by candidate Basil Marceaux. At first I was struck by the eccentricity of Basil Marceaux, however statements made by Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey on Islam quickly turned the attention in his direction.

First up is former Marine Basil Marceaux. This past week Marceaux appeared on a Tennessee news station to discuss his platform, and throughout the segment his words were often incoherent. A few golden moments included 1) his desire to repeal permits and registration for guns, and 2) his desire to plant and sell vegetation across the state in order to pay for state expenses. I find Marceaux’s remarks less threatening and more entertaining as a poll conducted by the Chattanooga Times Free Press shows Marceaux receiving only 1% of the votes.

Next up is Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey. Ramsey has particularly struck a nerve with his insensitive and untrue statements on Islam. When asked by a supporter about the so-called Muslim Invasion, Ramsey went on to question whether being Muslim is a religion, a way of life , or a cult. Ramsey and his supporters are fearful of plans to build a Muslim Community Center in Rutherford County, which is being viewed as an attempt to establish Sharia Law. All of these comments are coming from a man who declared he’s “all about freedom of religion.”I was unaware of necessary requirements to qualify for constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom. Ramsey should spend more time researching Islam and Sharia law prior to spewing nonsense, and hone his understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

The viewpoint of Ron Ramsey is particularly frightening due to his present position as Lieutenant Governor. I am sick and tired of politicians framing an issue as a national security threat and using this to justify their racist and discriminatory views. I hope the people of Tennessee decide against Ron Ramsey in the race for governor.


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