Shirley Sherrod & America’s Bad On Calling Her Racist

I’m going to be moving on thin ice with this post. However, I feel that I must comment on the forced resignation and then reneging and apologizing to Shirley Sherrod.

She was an official in the Department of Agriculture. She spoke at a NAACP convention and a clip of her speech was released late last week. She was later forced to resign based on her statements, where she recalled a scenario where she didn’t want to help out a poor farmer because he was white. What isn’t shown is her followup statements where she said that she helped him and she realized there were essentially two types of people: those who were needy and those who weren’t.

A tea party blogger released the edited version that caused mayhem within the Obama Administration. It’s sad that the 24-hour news cycle caused this woman to be forced to resign before the complete story could be told. Obama, the American people, and I all jumped to a terrible conclusion: in that she was guilty, we were duped.

I’m glad she was offered a new, hopefully better position for her grief, frustration, and irritation. She has done nothing but have her head held high throughout the entire matter. This is how race should be handled. America thought, for a short second that she was the racist. And it couldn’t have been further from the truth.

 A troubling thing, however, in that video is when she says that she didn’t want to help the white man, it garnered cheering. This is terrible. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. Honestly, I wish their names were made public, so they could be put through the ringer like Mrs. Sherrod wrongfully was. That cheering needs to be justified to me, otherwise, my instincts tell  me that is reverse racism.


One Response to Shirley Sherrod & America’s Bad On Calling Her Racist

  1. Were the journalists in the Sherrod affair so much different than the blogger? Moreover, are bloggers who provide news not journalists as the “journalists” claimed after getting the story wrong?


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