President Obama’s First 18 Months

The economy is on a mini rollercoaster ride and the federal budget is in dire straits. These problems cannot be swept under the rug. Nonetheless, Obama’s first 18 months have been more productive than any president since President Johnson.

A few of his accomplishments are particularly noteworthy. First his signing of the economic stimulus package gave the economy a much needed shot in the arm. Those on both sides of the aisle agree that at the very least, the stimulus – legislation of a magnitude rarely seen since President Roosevelt – kept the bottom from dropping out of the economy.

As everyone hopefully knows by now, he also passed healthcare reform after more than a year of debate – slow and cautious by any standard despite claims that it was rammed through Congress. The legislation provides protections for consumers against corporate abuse (preexisting conditions, among others) while providing subsidies to individuals and families to enable them to afford healthcare. Despite imperfections, this was no insignificant piece of legislation. This is easily the most significant progress in health insurance since President Johnson’s enactment of Medicare.

Additionally, Obama passed legislation regulating Wall Street – the most substantial effort for corporate accountability arguably since President Roosevelt. A combination of consumer protections and corporate regulations, the legislation is likely to have serious positive effect.

President Obama has also built a rather extensive environmental record ranging from conservation to alternative energy which is music to my ears. Recently, Obama provided a $2 billion investment in a developing a green economy. It’s inevitable that the world will move toward alternative energy and, regardless of one’s views on global warming, it makes little sense to oppose America being at the forefront of that transition.

Further, in just over 18 months Obama will have made two Supreme Court picks both of whom are approximately 50 years old – Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor and soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Kagan. They will likely affect an entire generation of law.

Regardless of one’s views on the issues, there is little doubt President Obama has been very effective in just over a year in office. Obama could have taken the easy road and sought easy issues and legislation, spoken a few key manipulative soundbites, and face a much easier midterm election situation. But rather than hit the ‘Easy Button,’ he has sought challenges and made compromises when necessary without compromising his underlying values. I cannot help but respect that.


One Response to President Obama’s First 18 Months

  1. Rhonda says:

    Consider this article read. I trust your knowledge on this as I admittedly don’t keep up on politics as I should, and I know that you generally possess more knowledge than most people I know on current events. I think you could argue most people under the table as far as facts!

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