I’m On Your Side, Israel

Israel (and Egypt up until a couple days ago) have a blockade around the territory of Gaza which is governed by the terrorist organization Hamas. Without the blockade, Hamas transports and smuggles things like weapons and concrete for bunkers, and they like to fire missiles indiscriminately at Israeli cities. Some folks, understandably so, feel the blockade is a bit heavy-handed and want to run the blockade to deliver humanitarian supplies. Such is the origin of the Turkey flotilla, as I’ve heard it called, which tried to run the blockade only to be boarded by Israeli commandos before reaching Israeli territorial waters. Something ensued, nobody is quite sure who started it, but it ended up with 9 dead activists and some injured Israeli soldiers. This has caused quite the stink in international news lately.

Well, I say good for you, Israel. Don’t give in to the international pressures for a U.N. investigation and what not. Can you imagine if Mexico or Canada were launching rockets at the southern U.S? Like we would not be clamoring for even more decisive action than what Israel has taken. If people want to fuss about Israeli soldiers opening fire on these supposedly peaceful activists, you’ll need to explain why they were carrying clubs and other weapons and seemed to attack as soon as the commandos boarded the ship. That doesn’t sound peaceful to me, and video appears to corroborate this sequence of events.

If people and/or organizations want to get humanitarian aid into Gaza, why are they refusing to allow the ship to be inspected at an Israeli port and then transported over land into Gaza? I don’t understand the problem there if humanitarian aid is truly the goal. Also, I get why they are sending some of the supplies, but concrete confuses me. Is there a huge humanitarian crisis resulting from a lack of concrete in Gaza? Maybe they build their homes with it, you say; use lumber, I say. Things just do not add up (and routinely so) when I hear or read about goings on in Israel and Gaza. Maybe it is a bit of blind faith, but I think Israel does well given their situation and I think people give way too much credibility to Hamas and associated organizations. As for me, I’m on your side, Israel.


4 Responses to I’m On Your Side, Israel

  1. Michael says:

    Well, this might be part of the reason for the lack of enthusiastic support for Israel:


    When news agencies go out of their way to eliminate evidence of violence and associations with terrorist organizations on the flotilla, you have to expect a little confusion. Although I don’t think anyone is surprised to see Reuters side against Israel…

    • Troy says:

      Hm. In all news stories I saw they references the group on the flotilla as terrorists or potential terrorists.

  2. edchambe says:

    haha thanks for the link, that’s interesting.

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